A New Direction – My Story

Hey everyone! As you might have noticed, there are quite a few changes here at Rejoicing In Hope, and we will be covering those changes over the next few weeks! I am EXCITED about all of the new things we have in store for YOU! Today I want to share my heart and explain the... Continue Reading →


Fear? Not Here!

Ya'll - fear is no joke. There aren't a ton of things that make me truly afraid, but once in a while I'll be faced with something that just leaves me wondering, Well what do I do now? And that fear sets in. The fear that tells me it won't be ok. The fear that... Continue Reading →

A Little 💗 From Me To You

Dear friends and followers, If I could tell you something today, I would tell you: Being kind is more important than being right. You have immense power over how your day will go. Even if the day is stressful, there are others watching how you react to that stress. Your positivity in the midst of... Continue Reading →

Little Lessons | Waiting

Waiting...isn't that just one of the hardest things? To simply wait, unable to act, unable to control, unable to fix the problem. Wait. There's fear. There's helplessness. There's wondering and worrying. Scenarios cross your mind of what might happen. Anxiety grips your heart as you wonder how you will move forward from here. I'll admit... Continue Reading →

Who Are You Really?

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wonder, what the heck am I even doing? You've been in a flurry of activity - running here, cleaning there, this meeting, that appointment - and suddenly, it just hits you. Does any of this matter? Does anyone notice? Am I making any kind... Continue Reading →


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