Little Lessons | Eat The Daggum Cake

The other day, our church had a big potluck - huge, long tables lined with food, sides, and an abundance of desserts. I contributed a 9x13 spice cake topped with buttercream frosting. A cake which ended up


Are You At All Curious?

So besides Jesus, my family, and my country, here are some things that I've been enjoying recently!

What Is YOUR Cause? Raise Awareness!

Ok friends - let me hear from you! What is one cause (or more if there are more!) that is near and dear to your heart? This is your chance to raise awareness and give your cause a shout-out! There are so many possibilities: Soup kitchens Salvation Army Community Cleanup projects Cancer/disease awareness Children in... Continue Reading →

In Case You Missed It…

Hello and happy Wednesday! I just wanted to make sure you all were aware of the change! My posts are now being published on Tuesdays and Fridays! And a big thank you to all of you who follow my blog! Here's to a wonderful day! Copyright © 2018 Rejoicing In Hope. All rights reserved.

Blog Party!

Oh my goodness you guys! Happy Friday! Today we are going to do something a little different! We're having a... This is my first EVER blog party that I've hosted! Most of you know how it works, but just in case, here are the rules party instructions: Everyone is welcome! But I would LOVE it... Continue Reading →

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