To Live A Thousand Lives – An Essay on the Power of Reading

No time machine could ever do what books can do. Books are literally the author themselves, preserved and memorialized. Their deepest thoughts, emotions, and philosophies are poured out onto the timeless pages, as though to forge a deeper path into the past and those who lived in it.

You + Me…Let’s Get Social!

Hey everyone! I'm just taking a little step outside my normally scheduled posts to PERSONALLY invite you to connect! Blogging is great, but it's not the whole picture - I'd love to connect with you all on my other platforms as well! For those of you active in these spaces, let's be social!! What's different,... Continue Reading →

Don’t Miss Out!!

Hey everyone! Refurbishments are well under way! If you missed what that is all about, check it out here! And I am excited to tell you - we have our grand re-opening (and a fun SURPRISE) scheduled for: Friday, February 1st! So be SURE to set your calendars so you don't miss it! But while... Continue Reading →

Coming In 2019…

Happy (almost) New Year everyone! I am excited to share that coming in 2019 is a newer, updated, and hopefully more helpful blog! Rejoicing In Hope will be undergoing some changes and updates, and unfortunately will be on pause during that time. BUT DON'T GO AWAY!! We will be back! So keep an eye out... Continue Reading →

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