Little Lessons | Waiting

Waiting...isn't that just one of the hardest things? To simply wait, unable to act, unable to control, unable to fix the problem. Wait. There's fear. There's helplessness. There's wondering and worrying. Scenarios cross your mind of what might happen. Anxiety grips your heart as you wonder how you will move forward from here. I'll admit... Continue Reading →

Little Lessons | When Love Hurts

I am a worrier. I don't wear that as a badge of honor, but rather like a scar. Or perhaps its more like a scab - one of those that you pick at over and over until it bleeds and it never really heals. As a mom I worry. As a wife I worry. As... Continue Reading →

3 Clicks to Day-to-Day Encouragement

If you're like me, sometimes pictures are quicker and easier to connect with than articles. If you're like me, sometimes we like to see the day-to-day of other Christian women who are going through similar things. If you're like me, sometimes we like to be inspired with tips and tricks for Christian womanhood, motherhood, health,... Continue Reading →

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