You Are More Powerful Than The Stars

Hi everyone! I'm sharing a post I wrote a while back - one of my favorites actually. If you're new here, I hope you enjoy it! And if you've seen it before, please revisit it if you feel it speaks to you. 💗 Have you ever stopped to think about how small you are in... Continue Reading →


You Asked For It! | My Greatest Challenge In Life

Hey you guys, how are you? Where are you reading from today? I'm currently writing this from my comfy little spot on the couch, TV going, and not another person awake in the house. Does anyone else enjoy these moments of quiet and personal time? Today I'm planning on finishing up my You Asked For... Continue Reading →

Don’t Wait For A Crisis

The other night, my husband and I woke up after 1am to an alarm. My phone was going off indicating an amber alert. Isn't that just one of the worst things? Because the instant you see "amber," you know that it involves a child. A sweet, innocent child being ripped away from all they know,... Continue Reading →

Who Are You Really?

Have you ever had one of those days where you just wonder, what the heck am I even doing? You've been in a flurry of activity - running here, cleaning there, this meeting, that appointment - and suddenly, it just hits you. Does any of this matter? Does anyone notice? Am I making any kind... Continue Reading →

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