We’re All In This Together

There are so many things available today that provide opportunities to show off our individualism. Personalized merchandise. Styles of cars. Styles and brands of clothes. Screensavers. Haircuts. Hair color. Sports. And those are all things that we can choose! So add to that race, background, family heritage, and the myriad of other things that make... Continue Reading →


LL | The Ugly Truth – We Don’t Really Want To Be A Christian

One woman. Exposed. Humiliated. Alone. Thrown in the dirt by those who call themselves religious. In her weakest, most needy moment, she received nothing but judgment and certain death. These were the men who prided themselves in being God's chosen. They paraded around in their "goodness," and yet in her moment of trouble, there was... Continue Reading →

A Wife Who Turns His Head

Happy Tuesday y'all! (Can I say that? I've lived in the south almost a year now...is there specific timing for adopting southern lingo??) Well, whether you're a "y'all" or a "you all", I still want to welcome you! Thank you so much for stopping by today. I want to set a disclaimer for this post.... Continue Reading →

Is Love Really All You Need?

Love. The world has coined many phrases highlighting love. "Love conquers all." "All you need is love." "Make love not war." There are songs, movies, signs, speeches, and books all dedicated to none other than LOVE. So what's the big deal? Is the hype really worth it? Or is this just another scheme by the... Continue Reading →


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