How To Enjoy Your Life [Pt. 2]

Welcome back! I'm going to jump right into points 2 and 3 here, so if you missed Part 1 go check it out! 2. Live for the "now." The BIGGEST enemy to this point is media. Our phones, social media, tv, games...these all have staked a claim on so much of our time. How often... Continue Reading →

How To Enjoy Your Life [Pt. 1]

I don't know about you, but sometimes I just struggle to get through a day feeling like I've done a good job. I'm a planner, and I tend to have a goal-oriented, perfectionist mindset. I get a vision in my head of what successful looks like, and it's not always realistic or attainable. Sometimes that... Continue Reading →

Wishing Doesn’t Bring Change

My just hurts. So much death. So much strife. Everywhere I look anymore, it seems there is another story. A police officer killed in the line of duty. A child fighting for their life. A family who lost someone to suicide. A little girl who had been kidnapped. . My heart aches! Why?! Why... Continue Reading →

You + Me…Let’s Get Social!

Hey everyone! I'm just taking a little step outside my normally scheduled posts to PERSONALLY invite you to connect! Blogging is great, but it's not the whole picture - I'd love to connect with you all on my other platforms as well! For those of you active in these spaces, let's be social!! What's different,... Continue Reading →

We’re All In This Together

There are so many things available today that provide opportunities to show off our individualism. Personalized merchandise. Styles of cars. Styles and brands of clothes. Screensavers. Haircuts. Hair color. Sports. And those are all things that we can choose! So add to that race, background, family heritage, and the myriad of other things that make... Continue Reading →

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