Attn: Adventure Lovers!

Calling all adventure lovers! I'm thankful for each of you that has taken time and energy to follow my site! I plan to continue posting as I have been, but I wanted to let you know about my other page also! If you like travel and adventure, I encourage you to visit my site Everyday... Continue Reading →

Overcoming – Today’s The Day You Start Again

Here we are, back at Friday. And almost the end of January already, can you believe it?? Are you ready to be on month 2 of 2020? Or are you beating yourself for something you haven't got done this month? Perhaps a goal you missed already? Perhaps someone hurt you? Perhaps you your heart is... Continue Reading →

Control – The Ever Elusive Mirage

This fractured world is a breeding ground for problems. Plenty of reasons to worry. And the mirage of control glimmers tantalizingly in the distance, ever taunting us with the hope of its capture. We think if we can gain control of our circumstances we would be happy. At peace. Content. But what we're doing by... Continue Reading →

Jesus, Anchor of My Soul

Our identity, our purpose, our strength is in Christ. It's easy to say that, but you quickly find out what you've been placing your security in when crisis hits. When those feeble, temporary foundations come crumbling down. When what you've been pulling your strength from suddenly loses its anchoring. And you'll probably find - in... Continue Reading →

Little Lessons | Waiting

Waiting...isn't that just one of the hardest things? To simply wait, unable to act, unable to control, unable to fix the problem. Wait. There's fear. There's helplessness. There's wondering and worrying. Scenarios cross your mind of what might happen. Anxiety grips your heart as you wonder how you will move forward from here. I'll admit... Continue Reading →

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