To Live A Thousand Lives – An Essay on the Power of Reading

No time machine could ever do what books can do. Books are literally the author themselves, preserved and memorialized. Their deepest thoughts, emotions, and philosophies are poured out onto the timeless pages, as though to forge a deeper path into the past and those who lived in it.


Monday: What Makes the Difference Between a Successful Start and a Serious Slump?

*beep* *beep* *beep* *beep* Your bleary brain begins to refocus. Slowly the softly-lit dreambeams morph into the raucous rays of reality. You hit the snooze, maybe drift back for a few minutes, but you can't escape. Time is a relentless dictator, and his sirens yet again remind you of what you wish you could avoid.... Continue Reading →

3 Clicks to Day-to-Day Encouragement

If you're like me, sometimes pictures are quicker and easier to connect with than articles. If you're like me, sometimes we like to see the day-to-day of other Christian women who are going through similar things. If you're like me, sometimes we like to be inspired with tips and tricks for Christian womanhood, motherhood, health,... Continue Reading →

Which Clothes Will You Wear Today?

But what we seem to always forget is that while it offers us temporary comfort, we are left dirty, flea-bitten, and in desperate need of a shower. And the more we lounge in it's complacent comfort, the more miserable we become.

I Wish God Would Just Fix This!

Life - even the life of a Christiam - is not guaranteed to be struggle free. I imagine we all know that, and yet what is our reaction when that hard thing happens? There may come a time in your life where you cannot fathom that everything will be okay. You're overwhelmed. You're afraid. And... Continue Reading →

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