You Are More Powerful Than The Stars

Hi everyone!

I’m sharing a post I wrote a while back – one of my favorites actually. If you’re new here, I hope you enjoy it! And if you’ve seen it before, please revisit it if you feel it speaks to you. πŸ’—

Have you ever stopped to think about how small you are in the universe?

I’m not at all trying to say we’re insignificant or don’t have a purpose. But have you ever just looked up into the sky and allowed yourself to be filled with the vastness of everything that exists?

Forget about outer space and the around 100 billion (guys, that’s 1,000,000,000,000,000,000,000) twinkling lights in the sky. Let’s focus only on our little planet.

There are 7.6 billion (7,600,000,000) people on our floating rock. If you live in the USA, you are one of roughly 326,481,100 people. Then narrow that down by state, then county, then city, then neighborhood, then house until it’s JUST YOU.

Feeling small yet?

Now, besides the fact that this realization can bring some healthy equilibrium to our pride, it also can be super encouraging!


Well, did you know that God has all of those stars numbered and knows them BY NAME?

And that same God knows when one, single little sparrow falls to the ground.

How much more does He care about you?

Well…did He die for the stars? Did He die for the sparrows?

He died for YOU

And if that wasn’t enough, He knows the very number of hairs on your head. And if you’re anything like me, you know He needs to do a recount on that, like, every day. Especially when I wash my hair. (How am I not bald??)

But beyond the basic knowledge of His creation, He has a deep, all-encompassing, ever-abiding, unconditional LOVE for each and every single one of those 7.6 billion people.

He loves YOU.

And He only made one of you. In all of this huge, magnificent universe, there is only one person that can fulfill the purpose that you were designed for. Only one person that can make those specific ripples in the cosmos.

And if you’re a believer, that same Creator lives INSIDE of you. How amazing is that?

So while you may be just one…gosh! Just think about the immense potential that is wrapped up in the beautiful package that is you.

Your Creator loves you, died for you, and infused your life with amazing purpose. No star, for all its glory, has that kind of power.

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57 thoughts on “You Are More Powerful Than The Stars

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      1. I pray for truthnjustice right now and I pray that You, Father will show her or him the truth and justice they long for. And like Rejoicing In Hope has said that, “And if you’re a believer, that same Creator lives INSIDE of you.” May tuthnjustice also be reminded of the great value we have inside of God as well. I know what’s it’s to be pushed around too. Bring Your peace now. Amen, πŸ™‚

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  1. Oh my gosh Savannah!! This was absolutely beautiful, and 100% encouraging to me! ❀ I’d love to reblog this on my blog this Sunday! Would that be alright? πŸ™‚

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  2. Thankful so very thankful. I’m Grateful to God. For each breath. Each step praying to get my name in the book of life. I’m not mad I want justice and the truth it’s been a very hard road thank God I made it. I finally have a roof over my head. A bathroom a bed to sleep in. How ever he did some dirty stuff to set me up. The judge gave him everything we had. I was arrested 21 times the year he filed for divorce. Yet I’m no crook had a perfect driving record even. She let him put criminal charges on me as well. Divorce lasted almost a year. N Parker county tx. She even gave him the 250,000 dollar insurance policy on me to be awarded at a future yet uncertain date. The day I pass. Finally with Gods help I ordered Bk bank statements Bk to 2002 this took place n 2005. God git me thru. His girlfriends dad was a cop and still may b. Had me look bad to gain his and my LIFES work. People find it hard to believe but it’s true. I’d love the truth to come out. Justice b served some how. I won’t b round much longer but any $ would be given gladlyto the people that need help. Thanks πŸ™πŸ˜‡β€οΈ

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  3. Gods help I’m greatful. The bk Bankstatements 19,579 of our $ went to buy his girlfriend a new vehicle. As well as so much more that was given to her and spent on her. I was wrong and blame my self for trusting him. There’s way to much evil to believe it that y’all shouldhere thanks so much God bless y’all all

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  4. Yes, I am frequently awed by the vastness of the universe and the intricate balance that is maintained in both it and all of nature! I am also in awe of the detail and complexity in our bodies and the delicate balance that must be maintained, down to the chemical reactions that take place at the cellular level, for proper functioning. God is just amazing! And to think that we are intimately known and loved by Him so much so that Jesus made a way for us to be in God’s presence in heaven one day, but also gave us a piece of Himself in the Holy Spirit to seal us in His love and guide us in this life! Absolutely unfathomably blessed! ❀️

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  5. Reblogged this on Dreaming of Guatemala and commented:
    Hi guys! Happy Sunday to you! ❀ I am pleased to share a beautiful post with you today, which was written by Savannah over at Rejoicing in Hope! She writes immensely inspiring devotionals every week that absolutely brighten up my Reader. ❀ I highly recommend that you check out her blog, as well as read this particular post, which I absolutely loved! Happy blogging!

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  6. j’know what? This was really refreshing. I thought I’d have to reschedule my existential crisis a wee bit early, but i feel quite refreshed. Though our beliefs are different (different entity we worship), I can feel the love radiating out this post and it really renewed my initially weakened faith. Thanks, Thanks for that, love xx

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  7. He thinks of me ALL the time, amazing isn’t it? The God who created it all, died for us and knows every fiber of our being! The night sky is a good reminder of how small we are, but the vastness of his love for us.

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