Blog Party!

Oh my goodness you guys!

Happy Friday!

Today we are going to do something a little different! We’re having a…

This is my first EVER blog party that I’ve hosted!

Most of you know how it works, but just in case, here are the rules party instructions:

  1. Everyone is welcome! But I would LOVE it if you would make sure you’re following this blog before you participate! 😘
  2. Drop your link and a quick bio in the comments section! (Please, only post one time, and please keep it friendly for all ages💗)
  3. Check out the other blogs and find some you’d love to follow! Let’s build this community!
  4. Please feel free to reblog to expand the reach! Just make sure it links back to this post! 😍
  5. Last but NOT least…HAVE FUN!

Isn’t it nice to meet new friends!

Ready, set….GO!

Don’t forget to check out my Instagram & my Facebook page!

It only takes a quick click! I’d love to have you! 💗

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226 thoughts on “Blog Party!

Add yours

    1. Yay! I love Disney too! Have you been to Disney World? If so, what’s your favorite ride? 😉 Mine’s Splash Mountain… Such a classic!

      Congratulations on your book! That is sooo exciting!

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      1. I have never been to Disney World unfortunately, only Disneyland. Although, I really hope to make it there one day!
        Thank you! What do you blog about? I’m gonna head over and check out your site

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      2. Hopefully you can make it there! I highly recommend going on Splash Mountain! 😉

        I blog on everything from faith-based devotionals to photoshoots and allergy friendly recipes. You can expect to find regular pupdates too (updates on my puppy).

        I just checked your blog out. Your current book sounds really interesting! I JUST finally read The Hunger Games trilogy. I really loved the movies and thought I might as well read the books– they did not disappoint! 🙂

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      3. I do love the Splash Mountain at Disneyland, so I am sure I would love the other as well!
        That sounds awesome. I tried to click on your blog but it showed that you had deleted the site. Can you send me a working link??
        Thank you so much! It has taken a lot of work, but I love what I am doing. Hopefully the BETA readers love it too lol. The books are so fantastic and the movies were great adaptations, that is for sure.

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      1. My favorite mystery author is Agatha Christie! I also like the classic Sherlock Holmes by Doyle. Sibella Giorello writes the Raleigh Harmon mysteries. Those are good also. Other than those, I read mysteries I’m in the mood to read. Linda Hall writes mysteries and she’s good. I’m also in a cozy mystery group on goodreads. It’s nice to meet you. 🙂

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  1. Love this! I am a recent college graduate trying to find my place in the world. I’m a newlywed and I love to share my travel adventures, book reviews, and feelings/thoughts. My blog is very open and honest and I love interacting with other bloggers! I’ve been blogging on and off for almost five years and hope to continue growing.

    Can’t wait to see everyone in the comments! 🙂

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  2. Hello fellow WordPress bloggers. My name is God’s Warrior from the blog Taking Up My Cross.


    I’ve been blogging for about 11 months now and i.has been the best 11 months; getting to meet fellow bloggers who share similar interests and I even enjoy a good book review here and there (especially when it’s a book I read😁)

    On my blog, I blog about anything related to Christian living from Faith, Leadership, God’s Truth, Fasting, Faithfulness and Obedience to the Lord and so much more.

    For me, I enjoy reading, writing fictional, Christian short stories, and singing.

    Come check out my blog! I will tell you that you will enjoy it!

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  3. How fun- thanks for doing this 🙂 Hi everyone, my name is Nava! On my blog, Neview, I focus on makeup/beauty product reviews. Although that’s the area I focus in, my posts still expand to reviews on other topics (health, stationery, and so on). I would love for you to check out my blog & I’ll check yours out! You can also follow me on Instagram @neviewblog ❤

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    1. Hello Sara. My name is God’s Warrior from the blog Taking Up My Cross. I definitely love Jesus and love photography because I feel that you can really capture the essence of God’s world when you take pictures.

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  4. Hi. I’m a fairly new blogger. On my blog, God’s School of Life, I plan on blogging about my journey through this life. I’ll also share my art and writing as well as any good books and websites I’ve come across. I especially enjoy reading cozy mysteries and self-help/spiritual books. I’m also a music lover who plays several instruments, a nature and animal lover, and a photographer. I also have a few chronic illnesses I deal with, so I may share my experiences with that as well. I’m interested in connecting with anyone who shares any of those interests. =)

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    1. It’s definitely wonderful to see a fellow Christian blogger on the blogosphere. I will definitely check out your blog, Marcy. It sounds amazing to read.

      I know several other bloggers who also deal with a chronic illness and have written about it and have gained so much love and support.

      One that comes to my mind at the moment is Carolyn of Beauty Beyond Bones. Her blog is chop full of encouragement from her own experiences.

      Her blog link is below: (

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  5. This is so much fun! Thank you for posting a blog party. ❤

    My blog, Create In Me:

    A little about me: I'm an avid dog lover, self-taught (aka ever learning) photographer/artist, and writer. Before I knew how to write I would oftentimes sit next to my mom and narrate my stories to her as she wrote them down for me. Several fun facts about me include: I LOVE roller coasters, I like Disney, I'm slightly obsessed with anything Tolkien, and I have a new puppy named Greg. 🙂

    On my blog you can expect to read mostly devotionals and faith-based articles. I love touching on topics like authenticity, imperfections that emphasizes my need for a Savior, prayer, practical living as a Christ follower. Also expect to read regular pupdates (updates on my dog) and occasional allergy-friendly recipes. I always respond to blog awards and challenges, too.

    I cannot wait to meet new bloggers through this party, too!

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      1. No, I have not been to Fiesta Texas. But, I live near Chicago so I love going to Six Flags Great America. But if ever I find myself near San Antonio, I will be sure to check it out! Thanks for sharing. 😉

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      2. Yes, actually there is a Goliath at Six Flags Great America. It’s definitely scary but fun (come to think of it, isn’t that what all roller coasters are?!)!

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      3. True, right? 🙂 My favorite are the wooden roller coasters. But I don’t know how safe they are, you know? But the more suspense, the better. 🙂 Do you like the ones that take you all the way up in the sky and take you down? I love those drop ones too. 🙂

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      4. I totally understand your fascination with the wooden roller coasters– they are super fun! And yes, I love the super tall ones with big drops… the first go around can be a little intimidating, but in the end, it’s so totally worth it! Lol! 😉

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  6. Hi everyone!
    My name is Darnell. I’m glad to meet and greet! About me – I enjoy writing short stories and blogging. My works are between 500 and 1500 words posted each month. Follow me if you like to read, critique, and suggest ideas. Networking has helped me realize that this writing journey is fun to take with friends that like to read, write, suggest, and mostly, encourage all to continue to write.
    I’m at – – Stop by and say Hi!

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  7. Cool idea! 🙂

    My name is Carly. I love chocolate, dogs, and music. And having all three in the room… even better!

    I wish Robin Williams was still with us. I am happy that the 2012 Mayan calendar end of the world scare didn’t happen. But I didn’t buy into to begin with. I wish the whole world would know the love of Christ. When we know Him, love makes sense. In my honest opinion. I knew of love because God is love. ❤️

    I have been blogging since late 2017. I have written poetry since I was 8. It is a complete release of my anxiety with every pen stroke or press on the keyboard. 😉 I am quirky as you can see. I hope to inspire more creativity and insight into the world through my work. 😀
    Here is a link to my blog:



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    1. Haha, I love how you admit that you’re quirky! 😉 Though, I think everyone is a bit quirky in their own way. If we’re honest, what is “normal” anyway?! Lol!

      Mmm…chocolate! I am just about to make a chocolate raspberry cake for a friend’s graduation party tomorrow. 😉

      Of course, I LOVE dogs. How could you not, right? What breed or breed mix do you own? I always love hearing about other people’s dogs!

      Who is your favorite music artist/group? I love anything folksy and/or acoustic in particular (Rend Collective and NeedToBreathe are two of my absolute faves…though I do also like MercyMe and TobyMac).

      I’ve been following your blog for a little bit and thoroughly enjoy your poetry. Thanks for sharing a little about yourself!

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      1. Exactly, what is “normal” anyways? I have tried to fit in and I just would rather be who I am. And this includes knowing that I march to the own beat of my drum. 🙂

        Ohhh, chocolate raspberry cake sounds delicious. I love chocolate and mint together like York peppermint patties. Aren’t those good?

        I don’t currently have dog but my sister has a dog named Odie (from Garfield 😉) and he is a lab mix. He was so hyper as a young dog but he has really settled down since then. Lol. 🙂

        I LOVE Needtobreathe. I saw them in concert. What an awesome show. What’s your favorite song by them? One of mine is, “Multipled.” I also enjoy U2, Sanctus Real, Tenth Avenue North and United Pursuit.

        Aww, thank you once again. I am happy to share. 😀😎

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      2. Aw, Lab mixes are almost always adorable. 🙂

        I have never seen NeedToBreathe live, though I would love to! Oh, it’s so hard to pick a favorite! Though Multiplied is excellent! I would have to say possibly Difference Maker. That song is so beautiful! I also love Testify. ❤

        Tenth Avenue North is sooo good, too! 😉 Mike Donehey (sp?) always makes me laugh. Lol! I would really love to see them live, too.

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  8. M My name is Eileen this is a wonderful idea. My blog is about having a closer walk with God, my post are either devotionals, or a sermon I have written ( as a pastor) It will be wonderful to met all of you wonderful people

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  9. Thanks for having a blog party! 🙂

    Blog name: Nurturing My Faith

    I started my blog in Feb. of this year. I knew there was more to God than what I had settled for in the past. I felt Him calling me to a deeper level and urging me to grow my faith. My blog posts are composed from studying His word, listening to His voice, and allowing Him to show & teach me things in the process. I hope those who read my posts are encouraged, that seeds are planted, and that He is glorified.

    I can’t wait to check out some of the other blogs mentioned!

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    1. My name is Joshua but I go by the name: God’s Warrior on my blog.

      It’s great to see more Christian bloggers on WordPress. I definitively love reading God’s Word because there’s always something new to learn.

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  10. Hi there! I’m an 11 year old homeschooler named Christina. I love reading and writing (I’m working on a book now) and I like realistic fiction. My 3 favorite book series are Maze Runner, Michael Vey, and Percy Jackson.
    My favorite band is Imagine Dragons, who I am seeing live for the first time in a few weeks. I play guitar, like rock music, and am looking forward to learning more instruments. I always look forward to meeting new people and seeing more blogs.
    I love art and creativity. I love animals, and my favorite is cats.
    My blog is

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    1. Seeing your favorite band for the first time is the best!!! ❤ I didn't get to see my favorite until I was 15 but it was still such a special memory I will forever treasure.

      I guess that I am going to have to try reading and/or watching Maze Runner! My brother keeps saying that I need to and friends have recommended it over and over again. I won't say "no" because I said "no" to The Hunger Games for so long and then ended up absolutely LOVING it.

      I am also artsy and LOVE animals (specifically dogs, but cats are a close second!). Thanks for sharing– I am headed over to your blog right now! 🙂

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  11. Hi my name is Amy I’ve been blogging for a cpl months. Once I wrote something and hit publish, the floodgates flew wide open. I’ve never written anything before this. And now that I am, the ideas keep pouring in. God is awesome and has done an awesome work in my life, saving me, changing me and filling me. here’s my link. I’ve been writing poetry (which I didn’t know I could write!) And some on addiction as well

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  12. Hello! I’m a new blogger and also Christian homeschooling mommy of four kids and on top of that recovering from major illness/injury. Whew, that was a mouthful…😉😆

    I write to inspire hope to others who suffer and share scriptures, quotes and my own spiritual insights as I grow stronger. I’d love to have you follow me.😄❤

    Thank you Savannah for the invite!🤗❤

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  13. Hi, congrats and I just follow you. I like all horror, mystery and other books.

    Please check our blog at www. and leave comments or tips please.
    the blog is about our exploration of the globe. cheers.

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  14. Thanks for the blog party! I’m a totally new blogger, and I’m kinda new to the scene, so stuff like this really helps me to increase my outreach!

    Name’s Olivia, a 20-something writing about just stuff I’m passionate about – be it beauty, lifestyle or stuff I learn on my morning train journeys. I would love to meet fellow like-minded bloggers who aren’t just interested to gain a following, but to engage with.

    Here’s my blog if you want to check it out. Can’t wait to be friends ❤

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  15. Hey pals !!

    Blog page:

    I am a faith based blogger who writes a lot of devotionals and blogs about my faith, personal experiences, and anything related to the faith. I’m a 20 year old who’s passion is to write to uplift others! Follow me and I will gladly follow back !! I love this idea so much!

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  16. Hey everyone!!
    I am a very passionate Jesus lover, wife, coach, and author. I blog mostly about overcoming things such as anxiety, depression, suicidal thoughts, fear, low self esteem, addiction..etc. Through my blog my desire is to create a safe place of healing and growth for women of all ages. I also occasionally give Christian blogging and writing tips.

    You can find my blog here

    Thanks so much!😊

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      1. Hey, Danielle! Yes, being a woman who suffered with mental health issues in secret for most of my college years, I believe that God has called me to be a source of inspiration and encouragement for other women who’s suffering in the dark. I have a degree in Psychology and have always been passionate about coaching others back to good health, and letting them know that through Jesus they CAN overcome! I’m glad to see another woman passionate about mental health as well and will definitely check your blog out! 😄

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  17. Oh darn, I am late to the party!!!!! But I just followed about everyone 🙂 Thank you so much for hosting, excited to follow along with everyone’s journeys! ❤ My little space is . XO

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  18. Hey Everyone! Baby blogger here 🙂 I’ve been on wordpress for about two weeks now. I’d love if you’d show me some love (and feedback!!) on my blog: . Still trying to get the flow of it all… And a little about me/why I started the blog. I’m coming out of a super dark time of depression, health issues, cancer scare, abusive relationship, etc. Now, I’m finally able to be who I am and talk about who I am. I want to share my passions and what I’ve learned with people! Thanks, all ❤

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  19. Hello and thank for this opportunity. I’ve been following your blog for only a little while but look forward to your posts. One of my passions is bullying awareness. That’s what post I would like to share and that link is:
    I was bullied the whole way through college so bullying awareness is one of passions. Only back then it was called being picked on constantly not bullying. Even though it really was bullying. Hope you like the post.

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  20. Like many others who have already commented, I love reading and have been blogging and writing books. My first blog is focused on practical issues I have found to be helpful in dealing with my migraines. I include recipes and thoughts here:

    My second blog was started in attempt to fulfill my part of The Great Commission within the limitations of my physical disabilities. I love reading the works of Charles Spurgeon as a guide to my Bible study and frequently use quotes of his in my posts here:

    Thanks for this opportunity to connect with you!

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  21. I’m not late to the party, I’ve just been hiding in the corner people-watching, which is what I tend to do😉. I’ve been following Savannah here at ‘rejoicinginhope’ for some time and always enjoy her uplifting posts. Thanks for hosting, Savannah!
    I’m a Christian blogger whose address is I felt called by God to write some time ago, so when I finally stopped fighting God about it, I dipped my toes in the writing waters by blogging on life topics from a Christian perspective. I have a heart for those blinded to the truth of God’s saving grace through Jesus, especially the abused, downtrodden, oppressed, and those with mental illness. Blogging (which includes some poems and a couple of short stories) has been a way to gain confidence in my writing abilities and connect with like-minded people as I work on my first novel, an allegorical sci-fi/fantasy.
    Nice to meet you all! 😊

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  22. Love a blog party! I think I am (ahem) much older than most of you… But also a beginner blogger… Branding myself as a Canadian lifestyle blogger with a twist of inspiration! So glad to see so many of you writing about your faith! Check out our adventures at!

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  23. Hi everyone!

    My blog is

    I know I am a bit late because there are so many comments in here. I’ve been a blogger for about 7 months and I am so excited because I want to know new people. I just subscribed to your blog now, because it seemed to be so nice!

    My blog is about drawing but I also post short stories sometimes. I love drawing requests and I would be happy to draw something for you, so if you need a drawing you know where to come. I also like doing art trades so if anyone here publishes art I would love to do an art trade with him/her! I’m also christian, so feel free to ask me to subscribe to any christian blog *^^*

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  24. Thanks so much for this oppurtunity!
    Hey guys, my blog is all about lifestyle, fashion, beauty, food and personal topics. i would love for you to check it out as im new to blogging and want to create a community i can connect through to in my blog, Thank you lovelies please hit the follow button! ❤


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