What a year (and a half)

Hi friends, how is everyone holding up?

It’s been as while hasn’t it? For me at least.

And what a year (and a half?) it has been! I’m sure behind the screen of each of you reading this is a story of worry, uncertainty, maybe even pain and grief.

But hopefully, there’s also a story of God’s grace bringing you through. I’m sure some of you have been through some life-changing times. Aren’t you glad you have a Savior that knows all about it?

Who walks along side you every step of the way?

He loves you friend. Believe it. Even if it’s hard right now, even if it seems like He hasn’t answered prayers or changed circumstances – believe that He loves you.

If you’d like, leave a little bit in the comments about your story from the last many months. How has it impacted your life? Has God taught you any lessons? Brought you through some hard things?

How has He used this to work in your life?

Until next time ❤

6 thoughts on “What a year (and a half)

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  1. Yes, indeed, Savannah, it has been quite a year (and a half), hasn’t it? God HAS brought me through – and has given me time to stop being so busy – time to evaluate how I spend my time – time to meditate, pray, read the Bible, embrace a few devotionals, and reach out in a myriad of ways to family & friends near and far. Time to realize how precious time is!


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