Is Love Really All You Need?

Love. The world has coined many phrases highlighting love. "Love conquers all." "All you need is love." "Make love not war." There are songs, movies, signs, speeches, and books all dedicated to none other than LOVE. So what's the big deal? Is the hype really worth it? Or is this just another scheme by the... Continue Reading →

Live The Truth

There are a lot of things we strive to be. Some of them are good and based on truth. Some of them are idealizations planted by the world. And how fleeting are earth's vanities! But amidst the change and turmoil of life, there is one thing that doesn't change. You are loved more profoundly than... Continue Reading →

Unchanged and Unshaken

"When we have looked on the pleasures of life, and they have vanished away; when we have looked on the works of Nature, and perceived that they were changing; on the monuments of Art, and seen that they would not stand; on our friends, and they have fled while we were gazing; on ourselves, and... Continue Reading →

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