You May Not Get Eggs and Candy for Easter

Easter. To most it's a day for new clothes and big dinners. Also, a bunny...who leaves eggs...filled with candy. (Like where did that even come from? What focus group decided that this was a realistic scenario? For real though, if you know where this came from let me know!) Seriously though, this day represents so... Continue Reading →


God’s Grace – The Love We Can’t Escape. The Forgiveness We Can’t Earn. The Debt We Can’t Repay.

Most of us have things in our past that we are not proud of. Failed relationships, secret sins, public mistakes. Weve messsed up more times than we'd like to admit. And you know what, it's not enough that we went through that situation once. No, we tend to beat ourselves up about it for years... Continue Reading →

Music. An Extra or a Must-Have?

Good Christian music: an extra or a must-have? I personally believe that it is a crucial part of our spiritual life. On some of my darkest days, it has a unique way of refreshing my soul and lifting my spirit. It shows me that I'm not the only one going through the fire. It makes... Continue Reading →

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