Fear? Not Here!

Ya’ll – fear is no joke.

There aren’t a ton of things that make me truly afraid, but once in a while I’ll be faced with something that just leaves me wondering, Well what do I do now?

And that fear sets in.

The fear that tells me it won’t be ok.

The fear that tells me I’m alone.

The fear that tells me I will never get through this.

That fear.

But, true to nature, God sends something my way to help me through.

Most recently it was a verse. This verse:

I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.

Psalm 34:4

And I almost missed it, but I’m glad I didn’t. I’m glad I went back and re-read it. Because I had sought the Lord.

Begged actually.

I, at the near end of my rope, pleaded with God to do something. To help. To change the situation.

And it hasn’t been solved just yet, but this verse – I’m claiming it! And I’m trusting that God will make a way.

And you know what? So can you!

Don’t be afraid.

Be bold.

Be confident.

Have faith.

And trust that God will make that way.

Hugs 💗

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14 thoughts on “Fear? Not Here!

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  1. God will always get you through fears. We can thank our fears, for teaching us how to guard our hearts and mind. Fear brings us deeper in love with God. Fear pushes you to go further because you know God trust you. Fear to step away from the evil and be the light. Great post

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  2. My favorite song right now is “Praise until my breakthrough” by Brian and Katie Torwalt and this post really sparked that song to play in my head. “Lord, you are my secret hiding place, protecting me from these troubles, surrounding me with songs of gladness! Your joyous shouts of rescue RELEASE my breakthrough. Pause in his presence.” Psalm 32:7. I’m in a season right now of waiting in the desert. The misconception about the desert is that it’s barren and nothing can grow but the Lord is working underneath- the Lord is always working underneath. Even when on the surface our lives seem dry and empty, seeds are sprouting underneath. Fear has no place here, depression has no place here. We will continue to praise in the desert until the Lord parts the Red Sea for us. Keep going girl, praying for you during this season of your life! Praise until your breakthrough.


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