LL | You Are Where You Are – And That’s Okay

Sorry I’m late getting this post up today! My little one had a medical procedure this morning, so I was a bit preoccupied. Plus life…it just didn’t happen.

But everything went well! And here I am.

I saw a notification on my phone announcing a new blog post a fellow blogger wrote, and I had the thought – I wish I wrote like that.

Or something to that effect.

But the point was, in that moment, I doubted if I should even be blogging. If I really have what it takes.

Do people really read? Do they like what I write? Are they helped by it?

If I’m honest, I don’t have the level of engagement I would hope for. Part of that is very likely because I haven’t been engaging with you all much lately. It’s just been a season. A rather long season.

I can sit here and berate myself, telling myself I’m not good enough. I can begin to tear down my own self-esteem with all of the things I could do better.


I could realize the gift it is to have anyone read, comment, like, be helped by, or find comfort in my blog posts. While I dream and wish for the engagement of so-and-so, others may look at my following and wish for where I’m at.

It is all perspective.

You are where you are in life. I am where I am. Denying, wishing, and complaining isn’t going to change that. Whether it’s relationships, jobs, health, mindset, spiritual growth – we are where we are.

So what if you’re not where you thought you’d be. Are you trying? Are you further along than you were at the beginning?

And even if you aren’t any closer than when you started, that’s ok! Because it’s simply where you are.

Now should we push for our goals? Yes! Should we never stop growing and learning from our mistakes? Absolutely!

But what are you gaining by tearing yourself down? Is that making you better?

What good is it doing to yourself or anyone else when you compare your progress to your neighbor, and decide you’re not good enough? If you quit, who does it help?

What that does is raise expectations, set that person on an unrealistic pedistal, stir up envy, and deprive the world of what you have to offer.

Accept yourself where you are. Christ does!

Now, does He leave us there? No. Does He want to work through us and make us more like Him? Of course! We are never to be complacent where we are.

Each day is a new day. Each morning a new chance to dust off the failures and mistakes of yesterday. Accept that you are, in fact, where you are – don’t deceive yourself. Give yourself a little grace. Then put on your armour, strap up your boots, and work for where you want to be.

God’s grace is sufficient.

And you are more than your shortcomings.

Get up. Give grace. Go forward.

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28 thoughts on “LL | You Are Where You Are – And That’s Okay

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  1. Oh, Savannah, this is GOOD! Thank you for posting. I struggle with the same thing – wishing I could be as good a writer, as deep. But, I think we all write what God lays on our hearts, and it all speaks to different people in different ways, because God has us all on different paths with different backgrounds and personalities. I love how all this works together. I was just reading Maxine’s blog (Heavesreef) about the Holy Household, about how we need each other to be built into the Household of God. We are here, doing God’s will to His glory.

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  2. I can relate, I have had those exact thoughts about my blogging and if anyone cares or reads or is helped. I have to realize I do it because I feel called to write and trust that those who read whether one or 100 are blessed and God takes my megar efforts and blesses them to those who need it. I am not perfect, I do not write perfect, but I do share what God lays on my heart and trust him to do Hus will. He grows me through the process and helps me when I feel inadequate. Just an FYI, I always enjoy your posts and learn from them, keep going for Him and trust Him with it all!

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  3. Your response above is evidence when you say, “doing things for God’s glory” that you decided to take your own advice: “Get up. Give grace. Go forward.” I’m glad you did and you are. Gosh! You have 716 followers!! That’s not peanuts. Yes, they don’t all read blogs everyday, and yes, they may not even click “like” – let alone leave a comment; but that doesn’t mean your words are not resonating with your readers. And you said it… it doesn’t matter if it’s one or one hundred. You are responding to the nudgings of the Holy Spirit within – and sharing from a pure heart. Do not lose heart. EVER!! ❀

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  4. Very relatable post! The first step is acceptance. Sometimes we get detours in life and must remain grateful and positive through it. Although challenging, it’s very much possible. We are where we are, and that’s okay! May God help us. His grace abounds.

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  5. Thanks for this! This is what I’m struggling with now, mainly with my spiritual growth. The Lord has been telling me that there’s some things in me that need to change and it’s been a battle–wanting to change and trying but yet slipping back into old patterns (and hating that I keep getting “tripped up”) and trying to trust Him to make those changes instead of relying only on myself.

    I can also relate to the same thoughts you’ve had about blogging, engagement, etc. Sometimes I’ve felt like “Who would be interested in my posts when a lot of people are talking about the same topic–Christian stuff, God, etc.?” But our experiences are OUR own and they should be shared! Please continue to write when you can. You’re a great writer and your posts have encouraged me. I’m glad I saw your post today because it confirms what the Lord has been telling me when I feel stuck: “Move forward.”

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    1. Evette, I’m glad this post found you and that you found some encouragement and confirmation through it. This life is just a series of battles, of falling down and getting back up. Isnt it crazy that we fight the One who created us? I’m sure guilty of it. And you’re right, in our own power we can’t make the necessary changes. Our flesh isn’t inclined to spiritual growth.
      Keep on going, share your experiences like you said. You’re not alone! Hugs πŸ’—


  6. Your post makes some great points. As others have said, I have felt this way at times. If I feel I am focusing too much on the numbers and not enough on what God would have me say in a post, I stop looking at the numbers and try to focus on the writing. When I taught Sunday school for awhile a fellow teacher told me to focus on who is there each Sunday not how many. β€œEven if only one person shows up, your lesson is important to that person,” he said. Thanks for the post!

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  7. I can so relate to this! Thank you for sharing your struggles! It lets us all know that we are not alone in our thinking. I have also wondered if I was even making a difference by sharing my blogs. And I always see others who can write way better than myself. Only God knows, but we must keep doing what we know God has called us to do. God gives each of us different gifts. We all have our own unique personalities and have different writing abilities. Keep writing!

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    1. We absolutely aren’t alone…though the enemy wants us to think we are. We are more vulnerable that way.
      We do have different gifts and different purposes to fulfill -and in the end an audience of One! Thank you for your kind words! Hugs πŸ’•

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  8. Dear Sarannah, people here do read your blog posts and personally, I know that there is some problem with word press, many people are not responsive. I even feel that I’m a useless writer, but then maybe, it’s just in us to envy things that other have. This was a very motivating post. God bless you. Ameen.

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