Little Lessons | Eat The Daggum Cake

Quick warning: While it is not my intention, this post may be a trigger for anyone struggling with an eating disorder or weight loss. It is written in good humor, but please proceed with caution.

The other day, our church had a big potluck – huge, long tables lined with food, sides, and an abundance of desserts. I contributed a 9×13 spice cake topped with buttercream frosting. A cake which ended up coming back home with me at least 2/3 intact.


I ate a lot of cake.

I keep trying to eat healthy and I’ve been exercising more. I want an overall healthy lifestyle, and I have (overall) been trying for a good while now.

But here’s what I’ve come to realize…

Life is short. Life gets busy. Life gets stressful.

  • A day or two of food I didn’t cook may be a welcome reprieve – even if it’s not the healthiest.
  • A soda and a big bag of popcorn may be a fun treat during a night out at the movies.
  • And a bit of cake may be just the thing for a relaxing moment on a stressful day.

So, my friends. I am not saying to throw your entire diet out the window and binge junk food for the foreseeable future. But I am saying that if you’re so inclined…

Go ahead and live a little.

Eat the daggum cake!

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