On Much Thinking And A Jumbled Brain

How about a peek into my world, and some thoughts from my brain as I pondered life…

The clock is telling me it’s too late to still be awake, but awake I am. I’m lying in bed and my brain has been working trying to sort out some things in my life.

You know how when your jewelry stand falls over and everything is somehow instantly intertwined in a way you couldn’t have done if you tried? And you have to sit there and untangle the mess one strand at a time, finding dead ends and more knots as you pull and loop and twist?

That’s my brain.

It’s not frantic…more methodically unraveling the strands of thought.

I’m pondering the struggles of life and trying to allow God to guide my process. Isn’t it just so confusing sometimes? The questions and struggles we face often aren’t answered simply. It’s like…there are layers. There’s more than one side to every story, and our paradigm and perceptions tint how we see both our actions and those of others.

When caught in a situation with someone, it may help to “walk in their shoes” for a bit. To allow ourselves to see both the situation and our reactions through their point of view. It may also reveal to our hearts where we are flawed.

That’s one thing I’m finding. As I bring my complaints to God, He reveals where I may be the one needing some heart restoration. And that’s not to say the other party isn’t responsible for their actions, but I can’t claim justice on them and recuse myself at the same time. If anything, I should be forgiving them, regardless of the situation.

Seventy times seven.

That’s a lot of times, folks! Can you believe how much our Heavenly Father forgives us? I’m sure much more than that.

But it’s our pride. Somehow we are the exception. Injustices against us are more egregious simply because we feel it directly. And the influence of the world – TV, media, acquaintances – often don’t direct our hearts to the love and longsuffering of Christ. Instead we willingly ingest the poison, and then wonder why later we feel sick and unable to process things clearly.

Guys, life is short. We are blessed with imperfect relationships, and we can spend that short life either hounding each other for our flaws, or by working on our own flaws and praying for others. God knows better than we do how to unravel the mess anyway. Let’s avoid the frustration of trying to control the process and let Him work.

Let’s love.

Let’s forgive.

Let’s bear one another up in prayer.

Let’s surrender and watch God breathe life back into our relationships.

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20 thoughts on “On Much Thinking And A Jumbled Brain

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  1. Oh yes Savannah!! Such great truth dear friend!! Loved the tangled up jewelry analogy….that describes my brain perfectly!😉🤗 God bless your dear heart today. Much love!!

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  2. When you wrote, “…watch God breathe life back into our relationships,” I reflected on how God has continually breathed life into mine – and how grateful I am. I just wrote a piece that I titled, “Partners.” It deals with that idea of blessed relationships. We’re thinking along the same lines today, I think. I hope you get those strands untwisted!!

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  3. Hmm. This reminds me of Amy’s post that I just read about Fight, Flight or Freeze (https://anewlife256599767.wordpress.com/2018/08/31/fight-flight-or-freeze/ ). How do we respond / react to those around us?
    You know, God’s timing is really something. I had an issue just today, a misunderstanding. I decided to do nothing, to carry on as if nothing had happened. Turns out, when I figured out what was going on, that’s just what happened: nothing. I totally misunderstood the situation. I’m glad I said/did nothing. A whole lotta arguing and hurt feelings headed off at the pass.


  4. We, as humans, usually complicate our world. We have expectations of others. They have expectations of us. Your post was spot-on. We have to let go and let God. We seldom know what others are experiencing in their daily lives. We learn we should pray for them. That’s hard to do in many cases, but actually it is what frees us from our entanglement of emotions when we feel offended. The only one we really can and need to depend on is the Lord. Love anyway and always. Easy words, hard to put into action, but worth it.

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