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Have you ever struggled with how you view your relationship with God?

Perhaps you’ve told yourself one of these lies:

  • God couldn’t really love me
  • If I mess up again, God is going to leave me
  • God couldn’t forgive this sin
  • God is just waiting for me to mess up so He can punish me
  • I have to work hard and do good so that God will love me/so that I can go to heaven

Sometimes, it’s hard to really understand how God views us. Our finite minds can’t comprehend everlasting, unconditional love. We can’t truly grasp all that is involved with His mercy and grace. It’s hard to believe that we are wholly forgiven.

But if there is a relationship among our earthly interactions that helps to open our eyes to how God sees us, I would say it is that of a parent and a child.

God is our Heavenly Father! So it makes sense, right? Let’s think about a few things that could draw a similarity.

1. Punishment/Discipline

I would venture that most of us agree that in training up our children, discipline is a necessary element. When a child directly disobeys or breaks a rule, they need to learn that wrong actions bring consequences.

But I would also venture that most of us don’t wait in the sidelines, monitoring every motion and action of our children, just waiting for them to mess up so we can jump in and administer that disipline.

Am I right?

In fact, how many of you have heard or said these words: “This hurts me more than it hurts you.”

We love our children! And how much more does God love us!

He corrects and chastens us because He loves us. We care about our children and want their lives to be successful. God wants to help us succeed in our Christian life, and unfortunately, that sometimes means we face hard things as consequences for our actions. But God does not sit waiting to crush us. That is not true to His nature.

2. Unconditional Love

This one is hard to understand, perhaps, because our hearts are easily turned. But I think one of the closest examples of this is a parent’s (I would say especially a mother’s) love for a child. As parents, we would give ourselves for the safety of our children. We try so hard to keep them from danger. And parents sacrifice to ensure their children are happy and provided for. It’s just part of our nature.

We can love our children in a way we can’t love any other human being on earth. But even then, we can’t fully grasp how much God loves us.

He literally did give Himself for us. We had no hope, and He loved us so much, no sacrifice was too great to ensure our safety. Not even death.

3. Help and Protection

Our children, especially the very young, depend on us so extremely. We are their source of food, shelter, love, and everything else they may need. Whether we entered into parenthood fully aware of all that would entail or not, we understood that these little lives would be dependent on us.

We may tire as parents – we’re human and that just happens. But at the end of the day those little ones are fed and loved.

God doesn’t tire of meeting our needs. In fact, He wants us to come to Him with every need we have! He entered into the relationship with us fully aware and intending to be our help and guide.

Imagine your little one teetering up to you as they begin to walk. They may fall down. They may come to you crying. But are we angry with them when they trip? No! We help them up, dust off their boo-boo’s, and cheer them on as they once agian toddle and step.

Oh my friend, God takes no joy in our stumblings. He is not angry when we scrape our knees and come to Him sorrowful and hurt. He forgives. He wipes our tears, and He helps us to walk agian.

If this topic spoke to your heart, you may be interested in another article I wrote: Life’s Messy But God’s God A Burp Rag.

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