Growing Pains – When You Don’t Know How You’ll Make It Through

It’s Tuesday already?? Time is just speeding by! Anyone else feel like that?

Well, Tuesday means part 2 of my story – the story of how I got to where I am now. If you missed Part 1 – My Come To God Story, be sure to check it out!

We ended at my sophomore year of college, where I had just come to the Lord. Life was pretty good! I had a great circle of friends that spent quite a bit of time together. A little tribe so to speak.

But sometimes, good things come to an end. And sometimes, what we think are good things may actually be holding us back.

Just a couple of months after coming to the Lord, I faced one of the hardest times of my life. Looking back, I can see how everything worked out for good, but in that moment…in that moment I was broken.

Rejection hurts, doesn’t it? You think that you will be close to someone for a very long time, and suddenly they’re telling you that they’re moving on. It hurt.


I was young and perhaps a bit naive, and this was the first time I had ever experienced something like that. I didn’t really know how to pick up the pieces and be strong, I just sorta survived. I struggled to eat, I cried a lot.

But thinking back, I remember just this feeling…almost like being carried. I was NOT ok, not my broken, human side. But God taught me to praise Him in the darkness. To sing even when my heart was breaking. And I believe I experienced His grace enveloping me and carrying me through. Because for me, then, it was a big deal. It shattered my world! But His grace was sufficient to carry me through.

That trial was, I think, the turning point in my life. The springboard from which my Christian growth has come. I struggled often through the rest of my college years with my own unreasonable self expectations and perfectionist mindset (topic for another post if anyone is interested in those battles.) But God has brought me through many valleys – and mountains – in the years since.

I have faced death in the family, health challenges, lonliness, separation from my husband (deployment), and a number of other battles.


I have made friends, grown my family, experienced grace, seen prayers answered, lived in another country, and SO, SO many other blessings.

Whatever you’re going through today, God’s grace is enough. It is sufficient.

Sometimes we can’t imagine how we will make it through the week, the month, the year, our life…but we don’t have to do make it through any of those. We only need to make it through today.

So praise Him. Sing to Him. Trust that He loves you and He is using this trial to make your life even more beautiful and effective. No tears are unnoticed. No pain is unimportant. And if we allow God to work through our pain, no trial is wasted.

God’s grace is for today, so let’s not try to take on the weight of tomorrow just yet.

Just rest in Him.

If you’re experienceing a season of pain, a trial…I encourage you to listen to this song. I believe it will bless your heart. You need to find rest, dear friend.

Let go and let God.

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