You Asked For It! | My “Come To God” Story

Happy Friday my friends and welcome to round two of my “You Asked For It!” series!

Today’s post was requested by Amy at A New Life, and echoed by Ruth at Planted By Living Water.

So, their question was basically this – how did I come to know the Lord?

Oh where to start here…I guess at the beginning, right?

Let’s start at the very beginning…a very good place to start…


It’s from The Sound of Music! Guysss! Julie Andrews? She’s like, one of my favorite people ever!

Anyway. To the beginning.

I’ve known who God was from a very young age. I was about 4 years old when my family began regular church attendance. I did make a profession of faith around that age, and while I do have some memory of that time, I can’t be sure it was true conversion.

I’ll tell you though, I wasn’t one of those troublemaking kids growing up. Well…in my own way I was, but it was more under the radar. I tended to try to manipulate situations.

Especially if I were in trouble.

Oh, I had my case all lined out with exibits A, B, and C neatly ready to present. All of the reasons I shouldn’t get in trouble. We often joked that I should be a lawyer!

But in the public sense, I was one of the “good kids” in the church. I got the good grades, didn’t get in trouble at school, and I said and did what was expected. And I don’t think I was good simply to play the game, but I also don’t think I was good because I was truly following the Lord. It’s just how I was.

Fast-forward to college. I attended a Bible college, so preaching and teaching were regular occurances. From chapel sessions 5 days each week, services on Sunday and Wednesday, Bible class throughout the week, and outreach on weekends, it’s safe to say I was saturated with Bible.

Side note – that’s honestly one thing I regret about my college days (not that there weren’t more things for sure!) I regret not really, truly soaking in all of that Bible teaching. Oh, how I missid out! There were probably many factors for why much of it slipped away including spiritual immaturity, my focus on the social, and just trying to stay awake and pass those classes!

But if I had it to do over again…I think I would try to hold on to more of it.

Back to the main of the story, I would say I “came to God” during my sophomore year. I had been feeling the conviction for a little while…you know the kind? Where it’s just eating at you somewhere inside and you can’t really enjoy things because it (God) just won’t let you go?

Isn’t it so amazing that He does that for us? He doesn’t give up on us.

But one night during an activity, the preacher spoke a message (quite uncharacteristic for the season) that I think made me finally admit the truth that I was not saved. Add to that one of my good friend’s dates – a preacher’s son – went forward to be saved.

I didn’t go forward that night, but that conviction still worked in my heart. The next day I walked myself through the plan of salvation (I had grown up hearing it – I just hadn’t settled it).

And the day seemed a bit brighter!

Now, in the months that followed, my faith would be tried and tested – and that is, I think, what really started the growth in me…

Thank you so much for reading and come back on Tuesday to hear the rest of the story!

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