A Wife Who Turns His Head

Happy Tuesday y’all! (Can I say that? I’ve lived in the south almost a year now…is there specific timing for adopting southern lingo??)

Well, whether you’re a “y’all” or a “you all“, I still want to welcome you! Thank you so much for stopping by today.

I want to set a disclaimer for this post. I am specifically addressing wives today, and while I will not be explicit, I may touch on the PG-13 line. All I’m saying is use discernment in deciding if this is the article for you. You’ve been fairly warned!

Alright ladies, I have to think that those of us who are married want to be good wives. Anyone here not want to be a good, loving wife?


Ok! Here we go then!

How can we be wives that turn our husbands heads?

1. Be Sweet

A wife’s spirit goes a long way in making the home. If we’re sweet and kind, the atmosphere of the entire home is helped. Our choice to look at the positive, to be encouraging, to be kind – that all spills over and affects our husband and our children for the better.

I’m writing this as a woman. I KNOW that there are times when we absolutely do not feel like being kind. And we can blame it on “that time” once a month, but really…we’re emotional creatures. The other shoe could drop at any moment for no other reason than our emotions decide to take a high dive off the face of a cliff.

But we can’t let our emotions control us. We can’t. We can’t let little things bother us and fester inside. We can’t hold things over our husband’s head. If we do, we may turn our husband’s head, but chances are it might be away from us and to the TV. We certainly won’t encourage intimacy and closeness!

2. Be Sexy and Spontaneous

Ladies, being married can be a blast! I used to say it’s like having sleep-overs every night with your best friend. It can be so much fun!

It can also start down the slope to being stagnant and boring. But we have a say in which direction our marriage goes!

Now, I imagine that when some of you read the title of this point, you groaned a little inside. I get it. I’ve had a kid, and we all know our bodies are NOT the same once that little bundle of cuddles is born.

But ladies, three things here.

  1. Our husbands love us!
  2. We probably see the imperfections a LOT clearer and with more harsh scrutiny than they do!
  3. They deserve us to get over our selfishness and give them the bodies we do have.

That being said – how can we be sexy and spontaneous? There are probably a lot of preferences in this area, but here’s some ideas.

  • Save water – shower together! Even if it’s a surprise to him – be spontaneous!
  • You know that one outfit that he always comments on when you wear it? Or the one that inevitably leads to some extra snuggle time? Wear it more often.
  • We may not have the body we want, but we are beautiful to him. Let’s dress like we agree with him! Let’s try to look good for him both in public AND at home. This can be as simple or as extra as you want. Maybe this is buying some new, more updated clothes. Maybe it’s splurging a little on some new, pretty undergarments. Maybe it’s choosing to wear the deep V-neck around the house instead of the comfy, well-worn, baggy T-shirt. Maybe it’s a new haircut. Maybe it’s going the extra mile to put make-up on even if it’s just him at the house. I don’t know what this looks like to you, but run with it!
  • YOU plan a date night! Maybe you go out, or maybe you stay in. But either way, dress up, smell nice, and end the evening in the bedroom. It’ll be a date night he won’t soon forget! And no matter how long we’ve been married, we’re not too married to date!

  • Plan a day where you and your husband enjoy an activity HE prefers! Is fishing his thing? Plan a fishing day! Is it bowling? Take him bowling! He’ll appreciate the effort and he will love spending recreational time with you!
  • Bring him his favorite treat at work! (And to go the extra mile – remind him of an extra-special treat waiting for him when he gets home that night!)

There are so many things you could do but I’ll tell you this – whatever you decide, he’ll enjoy the spontanaity and the extra effort you put in to give yourself to him.

3. Be Safe

When Proverbs talks about the virtuous woman, it says:

“the heart of her husband doth safely trust in her.”

Do our husbands feel safe with us? Not physically safe from harm (though they should feel that!) but safe?

Is his heart safe in our care? Or do we manipulate him to get what we want?

Are the family finances safe with us? Or do we spend with reckless abandon?

Are his secrets or imperfections safe with us? Or do we gossip and talk badly about him to our girlfriends?

Is he safe to make decisions for the family as the head of the home? Or do we balk at him every time he tries?

Is his reputation safe with us? Or do we put him down in front of others?

Can our husband say with confidence that all that he is – his heart, his body, his life – is safe in the hands of his loving wife?

Ladies, let’s go turn his head! Let’s be sweet, sexy and spontaneous, and a safe place for our husband!

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25 thoughts on “A Wife Who Turns His Head

Add yours

  1. I super loved the post.
    Often people forget that how important romance is for a relationship.
    Let’s not make it ” only man wants this or man only wants this” there is a reason its called as “making love”
    How beautifully you wrote and expressed.

    Liked by 2 people

  2. Well said and thanks for sharing… In my opinion, the lovely one that I have developed feelings for does not have to do anything special, just be herself… love and romance should be a two way street and should be spontaneous between the BOTH the husband and wife, BOTH should be loving and romantic… πŸ™‚

    β€œIf you love someone, set them free. If they come back they’re yours; if they don’t they never were.” Richard Bach

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  3. This was just lovely and such an important message for all wives to get whether they are Christian or not. I just finished a wonderful book by Linda Dillow called “Creative Counterpart.” It was the best book on Christian marriage (directed at wives) that I have ever read and I cannot help but share that information with everyone I think could be interested. Thank you for writing this and for your gentle and kind literary voice.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much Ashley! I may have to check that book out – thank you for sharing! It is an important message – and like others have commented it is absolutely a two way street! But I’m on the one side of it so I figure I’ll focus on what I need to work on 😊 thank you so much! πŸ’—

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Yes absolutely! I suspect based on your writing that you have heard the saying that we (wives) set the temperature in our homes. While I believe strongly like you in the two way street mentality you are right – I cannot control my husband or force him to be one way or another. I can control myself though and depending on what temperature I set my home to with my attitude, my husband most definitely has a matching attitude, good or bad πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

  4. This is beyond good! It’s easy to be in a bad mood, but will that help or hurt the marriage? It’s easy to wear only what you want to wear, but will pull your spouse closer to you or push them away? It’s easy to snap at your spouse over a questionable decision, but will they be open and honest with you again in the future? For the record, this goes both ways with husbands and wives.

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  5. It all starts with simply being kind! And remember no matter your age it ain’t over until you ate six feet under, Love well!

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  6. I truly LOVED everything about this post!!! I moved to the south from the north almost 19 years ago and it is amazing how quickly my comments have changed. I always say “y’all” now. The only phrase I have not adopted is “Bless your heart.” I remember the first time I heard it and was confused! All I could think was, “my heart didn’t sneeze!” The south has it’s good points, but the bad parts are crazy!!

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  7. I absolutely LOVE this Savannah! It’s so easy to become “routine” in marriage but its so important for us to do those extra things to keep our marriage alive! Based on how much effort we’re willing to put into our marriage, we decide how great or mediocre our marriage will be. Its really up to us. Thanks so much for these reminders 😊

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  8. It only took me a little while to figure out that I could make him happy, and that it wasn’t all about me. I was married before, and made a lot of stupid mistakes. Although the failure wasn’t all my fault, I certainly contributed. I’m thankful that I learned from that experience and that I discovered some passages in the Bible that helped me to become a better wife. Thanks for your advice. We never stop growing.

    Liked by 1 person

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