What’s On Your Heart?

Happy Tuesday my friends!

I’m sorry I’ve been so absent from the blogging world! Life has been happening as it often does, but I plan on catching up on some of the lovely posts I’ve missed!

But for today, I wanted to open up the comment thread for you guys.

We often have things that weigh on our hearts, don’t we? And none of us are meant to bear our burdens alone!

So what’s on your heart today?

Please let me know in the comments how I can pray for you! I promise to pray for every prayer request you leave.

And if any of you will join me in prayer, I encourage you reply to those comments you commit to pray for!

Let’s bear one another’s burdens my friends!

Have an amazing week!

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It only takes a quick click! I’d love to have you! πŸ’—

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19 thoughts on “What’s On Your Heart?

Add yours

  1. Hi Savannah,

    I can’t stop thinking about the soccer team and coach who were rescued from the cave in Thailand. I hope they are found to be in good health and reunited with their loved ones as soon as it is feasible. I can’t imagine how scary it was to be trapped.


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  2. This is such a beautiful idea!! My family has been going through some stuff lately, but for the most part it seems like the drama has stopped. I can’t disclose the details, but tonight there is a meeting and it would mean a lot to me if you could pray that it goes well. πŸ˜πŸ’–
    Oh, and I’m doing my end-of-year testing today!! Yaaay!! (Not πŸ˜‚)
    Is there anything we can pray for you about? πŸ’–πŸ˜‡

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    1. Absolutely and I hope it does go well! Family drama can weigh pretty heavily on our hearts sometimes.
      And you’re so sweet for asking! I’d ask you to pray for grace and strength to live every day for eternity! πŸ’—

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  3. Thank you for your willingness to pray. It is the most valuable thing we can do in any situation.

    Please pray for my son and his wife Katy, my son Mark and his girlfriend Mariah. ( salvation, healing etc)

    Also, my grandchildren, especially Emma and baby Luke. God knows what each needs.

    Their names are: Emma, Ian, Heidi, Kate, Jeremiah and Luke.

    Where two or three are gathered in His name… joined together in prayer no matter the distance, God is in the midst!


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