Are You Up To Code?

Have you read Exodus?? The detail God put into His house and all that goes into it is amazing! If you haven’t looked at it recently I encourage you to go back and read it!

I think my perfectionist mind would both rejoice and pass out at the multitude of specifications! 😉

But guess what…our bodies are the temple of the Holy Spirit! Do you think God wants us to put any less time and effort into making it a worthy abode?

Man, I know my heart and I don’t even come close! How about you?

Let’s think about that as we tackle the rest of this week! 💗

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9 thoughts on “Are You Up To Code?

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  1. Never thought about comparing how intricately designed and assembled our bodies are to the detail and specificity that went into the construction of the temple before—that’s pretty cool! 💗

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  2. Great, thought-provoking post! When, as a nutritionist & counselor, I observe what Christian people eat, it saddens me. Have they no consideration for their earthly temple??? Do they actually prefer to destroy their temple of the Holy Spirit with mac and cheese or Twinkies??? When I am tempted by gluttony or consuming too many processed foods (anything’s fine in moderation, 1 Corinthians 10:23) I always stop and ask, “Do I actually love this food MORE than my Lord?” It gives me the ability to reject sin. I simply visualize my Savior upon that cross covered with my sin of idolizing food in place of Jesus. Gluttony is SIN. Blessings back, ❤

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