Part 1: “To Live Is To Change”

Change is a part of life. Seasons change, temperatures change, leaders change, fashions change, and we change.

We may change houses, jobs, haircuts, hobbies…but what about the inside?

Change is a part of growth. If we stay exactly as we are today, then we never grow into something better.

But so often we fight change when it comes into our lives. Why is that?

Well, change can be hard.

Change can be painful.

Change can be emotional.

Change can be downright confusing.

But what about all of the good things that come with that?

What about the strength that comes from hardness?

What about the songs in the night?

What about the joy that comes once morning dawns?

What about all of the answers that come from our deep need to understand?

What about the G•R•O•W•T•H ?

Obviously we will never be perfect this side of heaven. But each step in our journey, each change that comes our way, is an opportunity to grow into who we are meant to become.

And change doesn’t just have to happen to us, we can instigate change ourselves! Both in our own hearts and in the world around us. As we grow and become better, wiser versions of ourselves, we will be able to effect that change on those we interact with. What influence! And what a purpose!

We are an extension of Christ to the souls we come into contact with. What do they see when they look at us? What good do we breathe into their lives by the good Christ works through us?

We will never be who we are meant to be if we don’t first allow change to…well…change us. We will never reach our full potential if we try to hide in the shadows of the worlds distractions instead of embracing that growth.

It may hurt. It may be hard. But it will be so worth it.

So I encourage you, and myself, to try to look at change in a new light. Let’s look past the hardness and see the potential. Let’s ask God what we are supposed to learn.

And let’s allow ourselves to grow.

Stay tuned for Friday’s post which will feature part 2.

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17 thoughts on “Part 1: “To Live Is To Change”

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  1. So true, I needed to be reminded about this! The changes in our lives can seem so difficult but they can also help us grow and mature in our walk with God. Love how you focused on the positivity of changes!!!! 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

    1. I too enjoy the seasons! I’m loving the change (finally!) into spring/summer! Minus the allergies lol but staying positive at least we get flowers and sunshine! Thanks for commenting! 💗 Happy Mother’s Day!


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