One Word, Untold Potential

Happy Monday friends!

How was your weekend? I hope you took time to enjoy the life God’s given you – you’ve only got one so make the most of it!

We had some friends come in from out of town and it was such fun to spend time with them!

Alright, shifting gears a little bit.


What does that word mean to you? Is it an empty word echoing with religious ceremony and unmet expectations? Or is it a battle cry, a word that pulses with strength and possibility?

You guys, we literally have access to the Creator of the universe.

Ok, now stop, and go read that last sentence again.


The One who spoke and everything appeared.

That’s Who we talk to when we pray. That’s Who promises wisdom to those who ask. That’s who promises to love us, to strengthen us, to help us overcome.

So two questions:

1. Do you access this incredible gift of power, love, wisdom, and so, so much more? Or does all of that potential remain dormant inside of you?

2. If you do approach Him, do you approach Him as the glorious, powerful, holy Creator that He is?

Those are heavy questions, and I’ll be the first to say I am not where I need to be in my answers to them.

But that’s the beautiful thing about God’s grace. It meets us where we are, and lovingly guides us to where we need to be.

No judgment.

No condemnation.

Only God’s amazing, loving grace.

You know who prayed? Daniel. And God delivered him from the lions. Many of us know this story fairly well, but if you’re interested in hearing a neat perspective, I encourage you to listen to this song. It’s pretty catchy! Maybe it’ll give you a little pep in your step as you start this week!

Have a great Monday!

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8 thoughts on “One Word, Untold Potential

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  1. “You guys, we literally have access to the Creator of the universe.”…Wow! This just blows my mind every single time I think about it. The fact that the God of the entire universe allows me, flaws and all, into his presence. 😢😢 He’s such a good good Father!! Thanks so much for this reminder Savannah 😘

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  2. Prayer is a very powerful tool. He has given us the ability to be able to speak by faith into existence that which we desire. Prayer is our one way wireless connection without disruption. He literally told us; through prayer with thanksgiving we should make our request known.
    He hears us when we pray. He listens. He knows.
    There’s power in praying!
    Lovely post!

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