Be You and Live Your Purpose

I just wanted to hop on real quick and share something with you guys.

If any of you are sitting there tonight, scrolling through your social media, seeing all these people who are where you want to be (success, family, popularity, fitness, career…), and you’re allowing yourself to believe that somehow you’re a failure because you’re not there too…then STOP IT!

You are YOU.

You are not them.

You don’t need to be them.

You need to be you.

Who’s to say that that blogger or Instagrammer or whoever it is that you idealize isn’t wishing, hoping, praying for something that you have? Who’s to say that they’re not looking at someone else the way you’re looking at them?

We all have areas in our lives we need to work on. We all have goals, dreams, and expectations. And we all have so, so many things that we ALREADY have that bless and enrich our lives.

You really only fail once you’ve stopped trying. But please understand, your worth is not in numbers. It’s not in a wardrobe. It’s not in the “perfect” body, or the “perfect” relationship, or the “perfect” career.

Your worth is in the fact that you are unconditionally, indisputibaly, and irrevocably loved by the Creator of the universe. He made you with a purpose, and not one single person on this planet can ever do everything you were designed to do.

So think about what you DO have. Think about the potential that has been woven into your very being from the moment you were created. Lay aside the comparisons. Lay aside the self-doubt and self-criticism. Go reach your potential. Go. Be. YOU.

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18 thoughts on “Be You and Live Your Purpose

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  1. Such great reminders and needed encouragement. It also reminded me of one of my favorite Dr. Seuss quotes (that I have in my student’s classroom..) ““Today you are You, that is truer than true. There is no one alive who is Youer than You.” Thanks so much for sharing.

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  2. Wonderful post and message, Savannah. I did a similar post a while back, too. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in comparing ourselves to others. Everyone has a story. So, it’s most important to simply be Us! 🙂 Have a good weekend, Lauren

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