Jesus, Anchor of My Soul

Our identity, our purpose, our strength is in Christ.

It’s easy to say that, but you quickly find out what you’ve been placing your security in when crisis hits. When those feeble, temporary foundations come crumbling down. When what you’ve been pulling your strength from suddenly loses its anchoring.

And you’ll probably find – in that moment – that you’re in one of two places. You’re either Peter, begging God to keep you from succumbing to the tempest, or you’re Paul, knowing you can withstand the tribulation, because His grace is sufficient.

And let me tell you, even your mightiest fortress of earthly strength cannot provide you the kind of safety that your Heavenly Father can. People will disappoint, institutions will fail, ideals will fall by the wayside. That’s just the way of this broken world.

So I encourage you to take a close look at what you’re anchoring your heart to. Because when that moment comes, and you’re scrambling for some solid ground, you’ll be glad you’ve anchored your soul to Christ.


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11 thoughts on “Jesus, Anchor of My Soul

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  1. I do think Peter grew especially after receiving the Holy Spirit. Praise Jesus He works with where we are. But you’re so right. We do struggle with control and having stability in life. I know I do, but thankful God teaches me though it.

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