Any Plans This Weekend??

The world of blogging is such a diverse arena. Hundreds of different interests, personalities, and hobbies. Shopping, hunting, biking, painting, WRITING πŸ˜‰, jogging, gaming, sleeping…it’s all represented.

And when it comes down to this BLESSED day (today is Friday BTW, in case you rode the struggle bus all week and can’t even remember what today is, you poor thing. We’ve been there.) Anyway as I was saying…when it comes down to this BLESSED day, we shed our adulting – even just a little – and prepare for the weekend!


In light of celebrating FRI-YAY, we’re going to do two things.

First, a poll.

If you had to spend your Friday night AT HOME…which activity would we find you doing?

1. Coffee & a Book


2. Pizza & a Movie

So let me know in the comments which you would do!

Second, tell me what you ARE doing this weekend! (If you’re planning something questionable – you know, like, egging someone’s house, or, idk, going swimming in the mall fountain – maybe share something positive and fun that you’re doing instead. πŸ˜‰ For real though, don’t make us accessories. )

Anyway, I’ll go first. Laundry is probably in the mix because, let’s face it. Adulting can’t be completely disregarded. And my son is out of clean sheets, so there’s that.

But besides chores, I think my tribe and I are going to explore a bit. Botanical gardens and an Indian reservation were discussed. Sounds fun to me!

But I want to hear from YOU! What are YOU doing this weekend??

Also don’t forget to vote for 1 or 2!

Happy Fri-YAY and have a great (and safe. And legal.) weekend!

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49 thoughts on “Any Plans This Weekend??

Add yours

  1. Lmao struggle bus hahahaha that’s hilarious to me every time someone says it haha idk why! lol If I had to spend my Friday night alone, it would definitely be #2! I’m always down for some pizza!! My weekend consists of my neice’s birthday party & church on Sunday! Other than that.. just relaxing and catching up on some housework!

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    1. Haha I say go for it! Man now I kinda want pizza ☹ lol. You know I didn’t drink it for the longest time…started again in college…then stopped…and now I have an almost 5 month old sooo needless to say it’s back in my life πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your evening!! πŸ’š

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  2. It’s highly probable I’ll do both! Well, not sure about the pizza. I love it, but I have to be careful to limit myself to a couple pieces. But it’s so, so tasty.
    I’ll definitely be reading this weekend. I have a 550-page book I need to finish for my book club, and I’m barely a fifth of the way in. Must read faster. 😁


  3. Both sound like great optionsβ€”I want it all, but I’d have to say pizza, movie, and coffee, if I was with my hubby. Pizza, coffee, and book, if I was alone. Seems weird to watch a movie by myself, and rude to read a book if someone else was there.

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